The School of Life Science holds a meeting for international students

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In order to help international students get familiar with the college environment and adapt to the life of overseas students as soon as possible, the meeting for international students of the college of life science and technology was held in the meeting room 2-116 on September 29, 2018.The meeting was presided over by teacher Li Fang, teacher Wang Xiaoying, teacher Ilya Vinnikov participated in the guidance, several new international students were present. 

At the beginning of the meeting, teacher Li Fang warmly welcomed the arrival of the new international students and asked them to introduce themselves. After knowing each other's research directions and interests, we believe they can help each other and overcome difficulties and challenges in life and scientific research in the future life and study.

Then, the present teacher answers the questions about the foreign students' life and study. Teacher Ilya answered the questions about bank card application and leaving school, and provided Suggestions on daily life and medical treatment. Teacher Wang Xiaoying answered the questions about international students' scholarships, introduced the procedures of asking for leave, and demonstrated the switching between Chinese and English on the college website and the downloading of important documents and forms to the freshmen.

Afterwards, teacher Li Fang summarized the situation of the college, explained the department setup and the teaching staff of the college, and showed the use of the college network. Ashfaq, President of international student union, gives a brief explanation on the use of FTP.

In the end, chairman Ashfaq led the international students to visit the school and introduced the environment of school and international students department in detail.

The meeting not only enables international students to have a basic understanding of the college environment and regulations, but also provides a platform for mutual understanding and information exchange, helping them to enhance their happiness of studying in China and lay a solid foundation for their postgraduate research career.



Contributed by Dai Qiuying

Photographed by Fu Yali

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