The school of life sciences holds the "understanding China" international student series -- cross-cultural communication

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To help international students better integrate into Chinese culture, the school of life science and technology held a cross-cultural communication lecture for international students in the multi-function hall of shuhua on December 25, 2018. Professor Lu Lin from antai school of economics and management was invited to be the keynote speaker to share her understanding of cross-cultural communication with international students.

At the beginning of the lecture, lu Lin pointed out the main theme of this activity -- how to communicate with Chinese students and tutors.She pointed out that international students should be more active in learning Chinese culture, Chinese expression and way of thinking, and actively integrate into Chinese students.

After that, by sharing his study life and the examples of communicating with foreign students in teaching and scientific research, teacher lu soon aroused everyone's active participation in the discussion, and the atmosphere on the scene was very active.The overseas students also expressed their confusion in getting along with Chinese students and got detailed analysis and solution from Lu Lin.The day of the activity coincided with Christmas day. Teacher Lu Lin specially brought candies to share with the students to make the atmosphere more lively.

Although Chinese and western cultures are different, they still seek common ground while reserving differences and tolerate each other.I hope that in Shanghai jiaotong university, an international university, multi-color people and multi-culture can collide to create dazzling sparks and help scientific research achievements shine on the world stage.

Contributed by Zhan Nengpeng
Photographed by Zhou Xiaocheng

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