Chaochun Wei


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  • Professor. BS from Peking University, ScD from Washington University (US). Research areas: Genomics and Evolutionary Genomics, including functional element identification and their evolution analysis, eukaryote pan-genomics, cancer genomics and metagenomics. Published ~40 papers in Nature et al, with citations > 3000. Chancellor's Award.

Selected Publications

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    Duan, Z., Qiao, Y., Lu, J., Lu, H., Zhang, W., Yan, F., Sun, C., Hu, Z., Zhang, Z., Li, G., Chen, H., Xiang, Z., Zhu, Z., Zhao, H., Yu, Y.*, Wei, C.*, HUPAN: a pan-genome analysis pipeline for human genomes, Genome Biology, 2019, 20:149


    Wang, W., et al., "Genomic variation in 3,010 diverse accessions of Asian cultivated rice", Nature, 2018, 557:43-49 (co-corresponding author)


    Hu, Z., Sun, C., Lu, K., Chu, X., Zhao, Y., Lu, J., Shi, J.*, Wei, C.*, “EUPAN enables pan-genome studies of a large number of eukaryotic genomes”, Bioinformatics, 2017, btx170.


    Sun, C., Hu, Z., Lu, K., Zhao, Y., Lu, J., Zheng, T., Wang, W., Shi, J., Zhang, D., Li, Z.*, Wei, C.*, “RPAN: Rice Pan-genome Browser for ~3,000 rice genomes”, Nucleic Acids Research, 2017, 45(2): 597-605.


    Hu, Z., Scott, H., Qin, G., Zheng, G, Chu, X., Xie, L., Adelson, D., Oftedal, B., Venugopal, P., Babic, M., Hahn, C., Zhang, B., Wang, X., Li, N., Wei, C.*, "Revealing missing human protein isoforms based on ab initio prediction, RNA-sesq and proteomics", Scientific Reports, 2015, 5:10940